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Idaho Medicaid currently has two Primary Care Case Management programs, Healthy Connections and Idaho Health Home.  Idaho Health Home embraces the Patient Centered Medical Home model of care.  Idaho is in the process of combining Healthy Connections and Idaho Health Home into one plan and expanding the Patient Centered Medical Home model to all patients throughout our network of clinics.  Most people eligible for Idaho Medicaid will select their PCP (Primary Care Provider) and be enrolled in Healthy Connections.  Currently, for clinics that are also an Idaho Health Home, their providers request that a patient be enrolled in Health Home based on the patient meeting certain diagnostic criteria.  If you want more specific information on the Idaho Health Home program, or you are a provider interested in implementing the Patient Centered Medical Home model in your practice, please see the Idaho Health Home page for additional information.


  • Call your PCP right away to establish care, if not already established
  • Call your PCP 24/7 for direction to medical advice
  • A referral is required before accessing specialized care
  • Refer to the Idaho Health Plan booklet for coverage and referral requirements
  • Please contact Healthy Connections for assistance or to change from one PCP to another at (888) 528-5861

Click on the region for a list of the Healthy Connections or Idaho Health Home provider networks.

Contact Information

Healthy Connections Contacts

Pharmacy - Magellan Medicaid Administration
Provider - (800) 922-3987
Participant - (888) 773-9466

Eligibility- Self Reliance Program
Idaho Falls Processing Center - (866) 326-2485
Treasure Valley Processing Center
(208) 334-6700 or (877) 456-1233